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Marvel's Next Comic Event Venomizes the Marvel Universe

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

After a couple months of teases, Marvel has revealed some new details about Venomverse, its latest event miniseries that celebrates all things Venom by, well, turning as many heroes as it can into Venomized versions of themselves. You get a symbiote! You get a symbiote! Symbiotes for all!

Revealed through Nerdist this morning, Venomverse will be written by Cullen Bunn, and follow Eddie Brock, now back bonded with the alien symbiote as a brutal anti-hero, as Venoms old and new from across the Marvel multiverse are forced to team up to take on a new host of monsters called the Poison.


Like the symbiotes themselves, the Poison—designed by Ed McGuinness— appear to bond with hosts to create extremely ‘90s versions of themselves, judging by the fact the art above depicts a Poison version of the Hulk himself. That means aside from Eddie recruiting familiar venoms like the Venomsaurus Rex from Old Man Logan or Flash Thompson’s more heroic take on Venom, the symbiotes will need to recruit some new faces to their cause... and by new faces, we mean as many famous Marvel characters as they can bond themselves to.


Everyone from Mary Jane Watson, to Black Panther, to Gwenpool, to Rocket Raccoon, to Ghost Rider and many, many more are getting a symbiote to recruit them in the fight against the Poisons. Some look pretty nifty, like T’Challa above (which, honestly, if you made the claws look more normal-sized, would make for a solid alternate costume for him), and then others, like Gwenpool, are full-on crazy. Although Venomverse is aiming to tell a story that blends horror with an exploration of the symbiote’s origins. according to Bunn, it also features the Venom of Spider-Ham’s universe, who I swear to god is called Pork Grind.


Venomverse is set to begin this September, with a five-part miniseries called Edge of Venomverse setting the whole thing up due out June 28.