Mattel's Fijit Will Either Terrify or Delight the Child in Your Life

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When last we saw Fijit, it was part of a giant swarm of its cutesy-robo prototype sisters, unsettlingly singing along with a shockingly-enthusiastic booth attendant. It was... a sight! Now the Fijit's in its completed retail form. And still bizarre.

As you can see, the Fijit is an exuberant little specimen. It's soft, loves to be squeezed (perhaps too much!) and will entertain you until you command it to stop. It's a little upsetting, a little creepy, and something little kids will probably get a big kick out of. DO YOU WANT TO SING A SONG? YAAAAAAY! I think the only way to permanently turn the Fijit off is shooting it in the head with a Desert Eagle. [Mattel]