Maxfield MAX-JOY MP3 Player for the Wee Ones

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Maxfield goes after the kids market with its MAX-JOY MP3 player, a durable-looking device that's not waterproof but looks like it could be peanut butter-proof. It has a bright, two-color OLED display, and it's expandible, too, with its 256MB of storage that can be augmented up to 2GB with a Secure Digital flash card.


Don't be surprised if your kid learns how to use its voice recording feature, but its six-stage equalizer may be a bit complicated for the less curious. Tiny eardrums will be protected with its restricted audio output, kept to an hearing-saving 60dB (which might not be loud enough for many youngsters), and the company says the thing lasts 19 hours on one AAA battery. It s $84.

Maxfield MAX-JOY kids MP3 player [Tech Digest]

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