Maybe We Aren't Getting A Guardians of the Galaxy/Avengers Crossover Movie

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Jeremy Renner is a great actor, but either a new interview is his best performance yet or he’s really heard nothing about an eventual Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy crossover. When asked about the proposition, the Hawkeye actor seemed incredibly sincere in his belief that it’s not happening.

“There’s already a lot of people in The Avengers,” Renner joked. “More? A dang tree? And a raccoon? Is that gonna happen? Do you know more than I know? They’re gonna do another Guardians and we still have Avengers 3 and 4 to do, look you’re gonna be 80 by the time that comes out. And I’m certainly not going to be Hawkeye. I’m going to be dead guy.”


Here’s the video.

Granted, it takes some time to get to actually answering the question and his joking could be a stall-tactic to formulate the right lie, but for the most part, he seems pretty sure the Guardians aren’t going to meet The Avengers in the Infinity War, aka, parts three and four.


Renner has completed filming on Captain America; Civil War so he has a better idea what’s happening in Phase Three than we do, but it seems kind of crazy to have a two part Avengers: Infinity War and not need the Guardians to help defeat Thanos. I feel like he’s pulling our chain.

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