McMoon's: The Former McDonald's Where NASA Digitizes Old Moon Photos

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Bloomberg Businessweek has a neat little video about the moon photo digitization efforts over at NASA's Ames Research Center. Oddly enough, this project is currently taking place in an abandoned McDonald's. McMoon's, if you will.

The current mission of the McMoon's team is to digitize photographs taken by the two lunar orbiters sent in 1966 and 1967 to do the first American photo reconnaissance of the moon. Why does this work matter? Because it gives historians (both today and into the future) a look at the moon at a unique time — before humans ever first set foot on it!

Interestingly, the people working on the project have an (admirable) undying optimism that humans will one day establish a permanent lunar base. As you no doubt know, we've been hearing that for generations. But with any luck, those wonderful weirdos over at NASA might just get us there one day. And if not, we at least have the gorgeous photos being preserved at McMoon's. [Bloomberg Businessweek]