Meizu MiniOne Real Pricing, Availability

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Either this site is overcharging by a crapload or the previous pricing was totally off, but the Meizu MiniOne is up to $988 for the 16GB model, compared to $450, which was listed before. What could cause such a rise in price? Hard to say.

We do know that the phone should be available around December 7, but such a lofty price compared to the iPhone may just put a damper on any plans for the Meizu being any sort of real competition. Full specs after the jump. [NegriElectronics]


Update: It seeems the Negri Electronics pricing was just a guess before real pricing was announced. So far there hasn't been any change (says Meizu) that the pricing will be any different from the $450-ish for the 16GB model that they announced before. Availability is still targeted around late 2007 or early 2008. Thanks SSJMichael!

- ARM11 533MHZ (perhaps Samsung S3C6400) processor

- 128MB DDR SDRAM cache (two 16 512Mb chip components 1024Mb 3 2)


- WIN CE6.0 based on the Windows CE kernel FOR MEIZU M8

- Video decoder CODEC (Possible Samsung S3C6400 built-CODEC)

- 3.32-inch TFT VGA (720 x 480 16 million colors Touchscreen

- 3-megapixel camera and a .3-megapixel VGA for conferencing (Autofocus, no flash)

- 1600mAHBattery : 1600mAH

- Bluetooth (with GPS access) , Line Out with DMB support, Wi-Fi connectivity with wireless card

- Plays 30fps 720 x 480 AVI, MPEG4, WMV videos and other mainstream video formats, even Real Player through decoder, also video recording, and digital TV and GPS through DMB with downloadable maps.

Dimensions: 105mm*57mm*11.5mm(H*W*T)
Display: 3.32-Inch 16-Bit (720x480 px) TFT Screen
PC Interface: USB2.0 Ultra Fast Data Transfer
Flash Memory: Built-in basic Memory (4GB/8GB)
GSM + SCDMA Networks
Bluetooth Support
TV-out Support
Line-in Support
Video Playback: MPEG-4/H.263/H.264 at 30FPS
3.0 MPx + 0.3 MPx Dual Cameras (Optional)
Video Conferencing (Optional)

Operating System: Windows CE 6.0
Processor: ARM11

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@odnet: Care to cite at least one source? All I can find is a claim by the Meizu CEO that the M8 was announced 4 days before Macworld and that pictures of it had been in the wild since 2006. I could find no press releases of other info to back that up, only a render of the M8 with that UI.

Now, even if that were announced 4 days before MacWorld, which seems more likely to you? That, in 4 days time, Apple saw a mock-up of a phone and UI and manufactured a working prototype for MacWorld — Or that someone at Meizu got a glimpse of an iPhone a week early and did a quick render?

I think it's pretty telling that we still haven't seen a physical M8, only renders. The idea that they had this form factor and UI first is a total joke.

@P3nnst8r: See above, and always remeber that people who don't demand proof of claims that are made end up drinking Kool-Aid in Jonestown.