Mercedes C-Class 2008: It's More Gadget-y

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This new Mercedes C-Class has some tricky tech on board, such as its adaptive brakes with "hill assist," helping you out when you're on a steep hill by maintaining brake pressure after you take your foot off the brake pedal, keeping you from rolling backward.

It also has Agility Control in its steering, suspension and gearshift, giving you faster shifting and more-stable handling that's modulated according to the car's speed. But can you plug your iPod into it? Yes, with an iPod integration kit, and it also has a lot of infotainment on board, including a 4GB music server, Bluetooth, GPS navigation, and a 7-inch display, all controlled by voice commands.

The C-Class cars will roll out in late summer of this year. Now if Mercedes can just stop cranking out such lemons, this lowest-end but biggest-selling Mercedes might just help save the company's reputation.


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