Mercedes to Debut Splitview Command Display this Summer

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Mercedes has announced plans to implement what they call a Splitview Command display in new S-Class models—a means for the passenger and driver to see different images on the same surface.

The system uses side-by-side pixel placement coupled with a "filtering mask." We're guessing this filtering mask is essentially the technology found for ages in lenticular printing, that fancy technology that allowed an animated Frank Thomas to knock one out of the park on your fancy baseball card.

So while the driver views the GPS, the passenger can watch The Gilmore Girls Season One DVD. And while the passenger watches the The Gilmore Girls, the driver can lean over to the passenger's seat to take a look at the mother/daughter's crazy argument of the week...rendering the technology useless. [Mercedes]

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putting screens in a car is so distracting.

gps is one thing but tv's just cause 'accidents'