Michael Douglas Is Absolutely Down for a Hank Pym-Starring Ant-Man Prequel

Michael Douglas as Hank Pym.
Michael Douglas as Hank Pym.
Image: Marvel Studios

Hank Pym, the first hero to take on the mantle of Ant-Man, is still the hero most people think of when they hear the name. But in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the current reigning Ant-Man is Scott Lang, who inherits the mantle from an aged Pym (Michael Douglas).


But Michael Douglas, at least, is eager to flash back to a time before that happened. In an interview with Screen Rant, Douglas expressed an enthusiastic interest in using special effects to age himself down in a Marvel movie focusing on the original Ant-Man.

“I’d like to see [Pym], if there’s magic, we do movie magic in terms of flashbacks. How about getting Hank back to his prime age as the Original Ant-Man and kick some serious ass?” Douglas said, in response to a question about what he wants to see the character do next.

“I’m ready. I’m geared. I need a good stunt double. You know, I’ll find him, but now you can make me look 40 years younger let’s do the whole job!” he added.

Frankly, I agree. If Marvel can make it visually convincing, a period piece Hank Pym prequel would absolutely rule. Make it happen, Marvel.

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I can think of a REALLY GOOD reason that we shouldn’t do this, which is coincidentally the reason they went with Scott in the first place: