Microboards Portable CD/DVD Producer

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While Mac users often get shut out of cool, albeit somewhat useless, accessories, the portable Microboards GX-1 will potentially fill a void felt by pirates and home movie makers alike. (Yes, it works with the PC as well, by not nearly as well.) The GX-1 is a mass CD/DVD duplicator that can accept up to 50 discs at a time. Putting our Adam Smith hats on, it's pretty easy to figure out that the cost per produced disc would be lower and the 20-cent per print price tag indeed corroborates that. Of course, after burning a CD, you're able to print out a full color label that youv'e designed with the system's software.

Its manufacturer claims that it's 40 percent faster than other, similar devices on the market, which the 16X DVD and 48X CD burning seem to support. How fast is that? I'm sure you're just dying to know. Users can expect full color prints to take less than one minute. The GX-1 isn't even that big, with a footprint of 11.5 inches.


The Microboards GX-1 retails for $2,295, but even cursory searches around the Web can locate it for around $1,800. Not exactly aimed for Joe Consumer, methinks.

Product Page [Microboards via Ubergizmo]