Microsoft and Mitsubishi's NanoTouch Technology Lets You Work Your Gadget From Behind

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Microsoft and Mitsubishi have refined their translucent touchscreen, LucidTouch. The new NanoTouch outlines your fingers on the screen as you use the touch sensors on its back, keeping the screen visible while you touch away.

Traditional touchscreens, like that iPhone everyone's been talking about, can sometimes be tough to see and operate at the same time. After all, your fat hands are blocking the screen while you tap. If you've ever tried to film yourself using a touchscreen, you'll know how annoying it can sometimes be. This tech provides a translucent screen, and the touch sensors are actually on the back of the screen itself. You can see the outline or an impression of your fingers on the display, but the entire screen is now uncovered while you control it. This apparently allows for much smaller virtual buttons, since you can see exactly what you're touching.

LucidTouch, NanoTouch's predecessor, was a cool proof of concept but was far too bulky and ungainly to be of much use. The new NanoTouch has much the same tech, but in a slim 2.4 inch package that'd be perfect for phones, mp3 players, and other pocketable kit. The makers are excited about its use in wearable tech and fashion, but I'd be plenty excited to see any example of wearable touchscreens that aren't powerfully female-repellent. [New Scientist]