Microsoft Cuts iPhone, BlackBerry and Palm Pre Employee Reimbursement Program

Microsoft, on the heels of its big layoffs and other cost-cutting measures enacted earlier this year, has reportedly stopped reimbursing its employees for iPhone, Blackberry and Palm Pre data plans even if they're being used significantly for work-related purposes.

Only—you guesed it—Windows Mobile device users will have their data plans reimbursed. It may sound fishy at first (Bill Gates banning iPods in his house, anyone?), but you have to remember that many companies offer no such perk for their employees to begin with. The economy being what it is, such a cut in employee benefits wouldn't be out of line for any tech company. [Business Insider]


MINI Driver

Pathetic - last ditch attempt to keep at least some WinMo customers by intimidation.

Usual MS strong-arm tactics.