Microsoft Donates Eight Meals For Each Internet Explorer 8 Download

Illustration for article titled Microsoft Donates Eight Meals For Each Internet Explorer 8 Download

OK, enough unfortunate or otherwise negative Microsoft news for today. Let's instead focus on something good, like how the company is donating the equivalent of eight meals to the Feeding America Network for every completed download of Internet Explorer 8.


The program, called "Browser for the Better," is connected to those wacky Dean Cain IE8 commercials that launched earlier this month.

And while the Dean Cain marketing effort will likely last forever thanks to the glorious wonder of the Internet, the charity portion of Browser for the Better only runs from June 10 to August 8. Don't ask about the image. Apparently, for the meals to become viable, Microsoft had to truck in a bunch of artists so they could stack them into shapes resembling the Empire State Building and Golden Gate Bridge. [Neowin]



Yay! Now you can destroy your computer AND feed a bunch of poor people at the same time! Let's all download IE8 and cripple our systems.

No single legitimate software application has caused so many people to bring their computer into the shop for a Windows reinstallation than IE8. Nothing. No single legitimate program has broken so many applications and websites than IE8 either. So yay, let's feed people while we break our computers! Go Microsoft!