Microsoft Employee's Thoughts About Xbox 360 HDMI

A Microsoft employee ponders on what Microsoft would do if they were actually to implement an HDMI port on the Xbox 360 (there isn't one now). We talked about the possible leaked pic of a development board having HDMI a few days ago, and the employee thinks if this is true, Microsoft would offer an upgrade plan for current Xbox 360 owners.


He made a comparison between this and the Intel Pentium floating point bug in the mid-90s. Although this bug didn't affect very many people, the fact that it was there unnerved customers enough that they kept complaining to Intel. Intel's Andy Grove at first didn't see the need for an upgrade or a recall, because few people actually did encounter the bug. But after enough cajoling, they eventually did offer a plan to issue fixed Pentiums to whoever complained.

The employee thinks Microsoft should take a similar route with the 360s. If someone wants an upgraded 360 with HDMI port, sure, here you go. But he thinks not enough people will want this to make a huge dent on Microsoft's bottom line. The positive feelings from the community would offset the cost of replacing a few 360s.

Rumor: HDMI port coming to 360? [via Xbox Scene]

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