Microsoft: Project Natal Coming "Somewhere In October"

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A pre-Christmas launch date was always known for Project Natal, but October sounds quite early. Perhaps Microsoft has seen what happens with the Wii every Christmas and is taking measures to ensure they don't sell out, making kiddies worldwide disappointed?


Of course, a "Project Natal sells out everywhere" story is powerful publicity for Microsoft, but I can understand they'd rather have as many systems in homes as possible. The launch will take place globally "somewhere in October," confirmed Microsoft's Saudi Marketing Manager Syed Bilal Tariq.

"We will be in a position to confirm the date at E3, which is in June, but definitely it is going to be October 2010," Tariq told GamertagRadio in an interview. [Gamertagradio via GamesIndustry via TechRadar]

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A silly question to the Giz geniuses:

The concept of Natal and 3D PS3 both sound great, but is it too late? Are we seeing a transition, as we did from desktop to laptops (and next tablets?) in the gaming market from large televisions to portable devices (iPhone/Touch,PSP,DS)? Or will this bring a resurgence in fathers screaming because he wants to watch the Eagles - Cowboys game and the damn kids are jumping around the living room like freaks?