Microsoft Surface Games Will Look Kickass With Unreal Engine 3

For all we know about Microsoft Surface, questions still abound. Nvidia appears to have answered one of them emphatically today though: Windows 8 games are going to look absolutely sick. See for yourself.

Above is a Tegra-powered ASUS Vivo Tab RT play running 'Epic Citadel,' an Unreal Engine 3-based game that looks smooth and beautiful and kablammo and yowza. Unreal Engine 3 has lent its prowess to iOS and Android devices for a couple of years now—Infinity Blade, anyone?—but it appears that Windows RT will get an extra boost in the form of full UE3 instead of just the mobile version.

Let's not worry yet about what that game's going to do to your (still not specified) battery life. Let's just soak up the joy of Windows gaming going mobile in a big, beautiful way. [Nvidia]

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I think it is time for me to dump my iPad this fall for a Surface! These are the types of GAMeS I WANT!!

Microsoft really needs to allow the 360 controller to work with Surface! If they did, iOS gaming will be defeated with a one swoop! I can only imagine of being able to get an Halo 2 re-release on the Microsoft surface, with full controller support!