Microsoft Xbox 360 Accessories Get Official

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Remember all of those damn peripherals for the Xbox 360 that we saw at E3 in May? Sure you do! Well they have gotten a little more official-ized with prices and release dates! Hooray! Here they are in an oh-so-friendly bullet list.

Vision Camera: This camera, which is actually already being sold (kind of) will come in two packages. The camera itself with one month of Xbox live, a headset, and some free Xbox Live Arcade downloads for $40. The other package is the "Gold Kit" and is exactly the same as the previous package, but includes a 12-month Xbox Live subscription and will retail for $80. Both packages will be officially available on September 19
Wireless Racing Wheel: This is the same as we mentioned before at E3. Wireless, force feedback, etc. But also included with the $150 wheel is a limited edition force feedback version of Project Gotham Racing 3. The wheel will be available in November.
Wireless Headset: This is the peripheral worthy of peeing yourself over. Finally Microsoft has released a truly wireless headset to match all of the other wireless peripherals of the Xbox 360. It has a bit of a Bluetooth headset look and will retail for $60 in November.
Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows: This is a USB device that will allow all of the wireless Xbox 360 peripherals to work on a Windows (duh) PC. It will go for $20 and be available in late December.


Microsoft also announced new faceplates for the 360, but nobody gives a damn about those. Well, at least I don't. Good accessories, looking forward to the PC adapter and the wireless headset.


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