Microworks Vega: 20.1 Inches of Laptop Gigantism

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When only the best and most outrageously-equipped laptop will do, check out the Microworks Vega with a 20.1 inch screen and the latest AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-60 CPU. Besides its absurdly large screen, you can equip it with just about anything available on notebooks, including a Blu-ray burner, EV-DO, GPS, a TV tuner, a couple of hard drives totaling 600GB of storage, and connectivity to just about everything except HDMI.

The base configuration doesn't give you much of a sticker shock at $3599, but if you load it with everything under the sun, you'll be $7800 poorer. Looks like a great laptop, but just don't try using it on an airplane unless you're sitting in First Class.


Product Page [Microworks Corporation, via BornRich]

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