Mini PCs Getting Even Mini-er

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The CF700 (from the profoundly-named small computer makers "Minipc" in Japan) proudly states that it is smaller than a Mac Mini, and can also double up as some kind of totally awesome tennis ball heating device. Whilst I'm not a fan of the comparing game, I still fail to see how any of these so-called Mac Mini competitors are really a viable alternative, seeing as how many of them — including the CF700 — do not have optical drives. That's real progress — sacrificing functionality to make something smaller. In 5 years the world's smallest computer will be a tiny thing that sits on one finger and there will be no graphics card, no sound card, no on/off switch, no HDD, but it will have some kind of really cool blue LED light and will let you do simple arithmetic if you use the optional external keyboard. Overall, though, my general indifference is caused by the fact that small computers like this are becoming something of a cliche. Come on manufacturers — mix it up a little. Let's see something different. I'm holding out for the world's first EDIBLE pc.

Minipc's mini pc - the CF700 [Product Page]

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