Mio Moov 380 GPS Has a Cellphone Built in: Can Make Calls, Send Text Messages

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Mio's new Moov 380 GPS just passed through the FCC, complete with the ability to make/take phone calls and send/recieve SMS texts. The GPS unit comes with a SIM card slot, allowing for said cellular functions as well as an SD card slot for storage. In addition, the Moov 380 comes with a SIRFStarIII GPS chip and cellular data speeds would range between 2.75G and 3G.


Because this needs a full voice plan from a wireless carrier to make use of the Moov's features, I'm assuming you're supposed to use the SIM card from the cellphone you already have. But would you go through the trouble of SIM swapping for this? Also, we've seen cellular enabled GPS units from Dash and Magellan, and soon, Garmin with the Nuvifone, but the usefulness of such a connection depends on what data the devices can pull down from the network. [Mio via GPS Tracklog]


My Pharos GPS 600 (re-branded Eten Glowfiish x500) is awesome, has a Sirf Chipset and is a half inch thicker than the iPhone. It even does real-time tracking with Google Maps with an Internet Connection. The Sirf Chip even enabled it to track my location through the 3 & 4 foot wide alleys & Streets of Venice (Italy and yes I realize I've just opened myself up to a plethora of jokes here). The reason for this is because unlike most GPS enabled phones, the GPS Chip is separate from the processor. Having used both, I'll only hope the iPhone follows the same architecture for the accuracy drops from 30 feet to about 3 and enables signals to be picked up in situations where there is a lot of overhead, such as on the narrow streets of Venice, SF, San Jose oh and the living room of my top floor apartment (which is great for navigating to the bathroom) . The only drawback is I'm *forced* to use Windows Mobile 6.