MLB Calls Foul on Slingbox Placeshifting, Pitches the "L" Word

For being "America's favorite pastime," the MLB is apparently populated by a bunch of whiners. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Esq., the league's legal vultures have begun circling around Slingbox because of its ability to placeshift games.

Yeah, that's right. When you're on the road and just want to catch your home team's game via Sling, in the MLB's eyes you (and Sling Media) are acting illegally because of broadcast contracts written around geographical boundaries.


Since Sling refused to pay extortion licensing fees to the MLB, the league's currently contemplating that favorite of legal actions: a lawsuit. If Sling's still around, anyway, since according to the MLB Advanced Media's general counsel, "there's no guarantee that Slingbox will be around next year. It's a startup." Them's fightin' words. Which is surprising, coming from a pack of whining, weeping, crying crybabies.

Sports Leagues' Slingbox Opposition Highlights New Game of Content Control [via Crave]
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