MLB Streaming Full Live Games to iPhone Over 3G, Starting Tomorrow

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A couple months ago, a Major League Baseball spokeperson hinted that live video streaming—one of the vaunted promises of iPhone 3.0—could make its way to the league's $10 At Bat app. Tomorrow, they're making good on their tease.

Set to be updated immediately after the firmware 3.0 release, the app will stream out-of-market games (no locals, sadly) at a rate of one or two a day. The thing that'll set At Bat apart from existing video apps by CBS (and others) will be its ability to stream over 3G, without apparent limitations.


This is bigger news than it sounds, and not just for people who like baseball. For MLB to ship—and more importantly for AT&T and Apple to allow—an over-the-air streaming app paves the way for more general TV apps for the iPhone. It's weirdly shocking to actually see, even if we were told to expect it.


If you do care about baseball, here's your opening schedule for tomorrow, in manly-man military time: Chicago Cubs/White Sox at 14:20 EST, and the Detroit Tigers/St Louis Cardinals game at 20:15. [BusinessWeek]