Mondo are celebrating 75 years of Batman with some brilliant artwork

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Batman is turning 75 this year, and everyone's celebrating - including Mondo, who will be hosting a gallery of amazing art this Friday dedicated to the Dark Knight.

Header Image: Batman/Man Bat (Part 1 of 2) by Alex Pardee

The exhibition will open at the Austin, Texas gallery this Friday, October 24th, and run until November 15th - so if you want to take a look at this latest tribute to all things Bats, you'll have to get there to see it in person. But for now, you can look at a few of the stunning bits of work on display below:


Heart of Ice, by Phantom City Creative


Batman Begins, by Kevin Tong

And finally, this delightful homage to Batman '66, which might just be my favourite:


The Bat Phone, by Scott C.

Lovely! You can see a few more bits of artwork over at Mashable, linked below.


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