Monsoon Volcano Is Like a Slingbox and Slingcatcher Rolled Up Into One

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Dave Zatz got an early peek at Monsoon's new video placeshifter, the Volcano, and was pleasantly surprised by its feature set, which combines the functionality of a Slingbox with that of a Slingcatcher. Oh, reeaaaallly?

The Volcano can stream media from any TV or video source at 720p to PCs and cellphones, including the Android, WinMo, Blackberry and iPhone platforms. It can also playback local media via USB using the UPnP and DLNA standards, web video via YouTube and Cinema Now, plus it can off load shows from your settop box for later viewing/streaming.


But where it starts to get cool is how if you have more than one Volcano in your house, they can all stream to eachother, thanks to 802.11n and UPNP, which is nice if some rooms have a TV, but no cable connection. Zatz says the tech is still a bit unpolished, but calls it promising nonetheless. The Volcano is scheduled for a March release, and you can either get a model with 4 gigs of flash storage for $200, or one with a 250 gig HDD for $300. Also, for more images, be sure to check out [Zatz Not Funny]