"Monsters Versus Aliens" Trailer Makes Us Blobby With Joy

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B-Movie monsters activate! Three cheers for Aliens vs. Monsters, a good, old-fashioned Dreamworks flick about a group of goofy American monsters sent to defeat invading aliens. Many of my favorite actors are in it (Stephen Colbert plays the President to the United States and Will Arnett voices The Missing Link). Plus it's got all the best of the old-timey inspired monster characters from The Blob to Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman. And? It's going to be in 3D.Monsters Versus Aliens is going to be released in Tru 3-D which is supposedly the latest in popping out of the screen technology. In an interview with USA Today , animation head Jeffrey Katzenberg called this 3D flawless. "The digital projection puts a perfect image on the screen," he said. "There is no ghosting, no eye strain or nausea." Plus all other films will start to follow in MVA footsteps including Toy Story 3 and Disney's motion capture A Christmas Carol (out in November 2009). Sounds amazing, as long as it doesn't make me sick like all of the past IMAXy 3D experiences have. It will be released in theaters in March of 2009. Now it's your move, Wall-E. [Trailer Addict]