More Crazy Predator Pics! True Blood Finale Pics! Watch Maggie Q Kick Ass As Nikita! Cloud Atlas casting rumors!

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Rumor has it an A-list cast could join the Wachowskis' Cloud Atlas. See bloody photos from Predators and the True Blood finale. Watch Maggie Q in Nikita, plus a Doctor Who clip. And BSG's Baltar and Tigh join new projects.



Still got any doubts that this movie will be batshit insane? Here are even more Grindhouse-y stills. [Slashfilm]

Cloud Atlas:

It's been rumored for a long time that the Wachowskis were interested in directing an adapation of David Mitchell's groundbreaking novel. And now it's apparently official. Production Weekly reports that the Wachowskis are approaching Tom Hanks, Halle Berry, Sir Ian McKellen, James McAvoy and Natalie Portman to star in their movie of this ultra-challenging novel, which contains six linked stories spanning thousands of years. Considering that such an A-list cast might be the only way this project could happen, let's keep our fingers crossed. [via The Playlist]

The Green Hornet:

An announcement that this film is coming out in 3-D IMAX also includes an intriguing plot synopsis, that I hadn't seen before.

Britt Reid (Seth Rogen), son and heir to Los Angeles' largest newspaper fortune, is a rich, spoiled playboy who has been happy to maintain a direction-less existence. When his father James Reid (Tom Wilkinson) mysteriously dies, Britt meets an impressive and resourceful company employee, Kato (Jay Chou). They realize that they have the resources to do something worthwhile with their lives and finally step out of James Reid's shadow. Kato builds the ultimate weapon, The Black Beauty, an indestructible car with every weapon and gadget imaginable and Britt decides that in order to be heroes, they will pose as villains.

With the help of Britt's new secretary, Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz), they learn that the chief criminal in the city is named Benjamin Chudnofsky (Christoph Waltz). He has united all the gangs under his power, and he quickly sees that the Green Hornet is a direct threat to the prosperous criminal underworld he controls.



Red Riding Hood:

Remember this dark gothic Little Red Riding Hood movie, starring Amanda Seyfried and directed by Twilight's Catherine Hardwicke? Saul Tigh himself, Michael Hogan, is joining the cast as a mysterious character called The Reeve. [Fangoria]


Transformers 3:

An Ain't It Cool News reader named Bruiser sent in this pic of what seems to be a robot, which he/she said was from the Chicago set of this film. (But supposedly, Transformers 3 hasn't started filming in Chicago yet.) Is this a new model of an Autobot or Decepticon? Some kind of military robot devised during the Space Race (which we'll now learn the Autobots had a hand in)? Or something from an unrelated project, like Real Steel? Only time will tell. Bigger version at the link. [AICN via TFLAMB]

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Also, a silver Corvette Stingray concept car has been spotted on set — and there's some speculation that this is the new alt-mode of Sideswipe, who's becoming a convertible. Or as Seibertron puts it, "Someone's losing their top in Transformers 3 and it's not Megan Fox or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley." Zing. [Seibertron]


Jonah Hex:

The clips keep coming!

Even though the villain, Quentin Turnbull, is a disgruntled Civil War veteran, he acts more like a modern-day terrorist. Producer Andrew Lazar says this element developed organically:

That evolved. It was kind of like the idea of this ultimate revenge and how can we relate to Turnbull in kind of contemporary terms. I do think we did make a decision once we saw the dynamite vests, that this was a guy who was willing to exact terror not just on [soldiers]. This was a guy who was willing to destroy institutions and innocent people in order to get what he wanted. I think it's topical and makes [it] a little different than just a regular Civil War/Western film.


[Comic Book Resources]

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

Will there be a lot of running in this movie? Apparently so. Bryce Dallas Howard says her training for this film involved tons and tons of running on a treadmill, to get her in good running form. And Dakota Fanning says her main stunt in the film involves being attached to a harness and pulled through trees. [On The Red Carpet]


Oh, speaking of which, Robert Pattinson says he's taken running lessons for this film, because he hated the way Edward skips about in the first two installments. [CinemaBlend]

And here's a new clip:

Toy Story 3:

Here are five totally awesome clips from this film, opening Friday.

The Goonies 2:

Josh Brolin says he ran into Spielberg recently, and while there is a script for this sequel, there are no plans to film it any time soon. [Extra]


Doctor Who:

Some more pics from the finale have come out. Including another look at Rory dressed as a Roman soldier. Is Rory back from the dead, or is this just another example of Doctor Who's famous propensity to recycle actors? Also, we've heard whispers about a stone Dalek, but now you can see it for yourself. What does it mean? Note also the return of seven-year-old Amy. [Bleeding Cool]


And here's a scary clip in which the Doctor realizes quite how many guests have come to the party. [BlogtorWho]

The episode's cast list is out, and notably the guest stars include not just Vincent Van Gogh and Winston Churchill, but also Bracewell the lovable android. [Planet Gallifrey]


BBC reporter and fan Lizo Mzimba interviewed Matt Smith, and then tweeted that Smith was going for a costume fitting for season six. Is the Doctor getting a new costume next year? [BlogtorWho]


Here's your first teaser of Maggie Q as Nikita. It's just 11 seconds long, but it packs a nice roundhouse. I'm in. [KSiteTV]

True Blood:

The first episode of the season just aired, but already there are set pics of the season finale, which are pretty spoilery. Looks like Eric's not doing so hot. [SpoilerTV]



The season ten premiere will be called "Lazarus" [KryptonSite]


Your first cast photo including new addition James Callis. [DaemonsTV]

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Why is Godric in the True Blood finale pics?