More Dell Latitude XT Tablet Details Squirt Out

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The wishy-washy specs on Dell's first tablet PC, the Latitude XT, have been firmed up, according to a French site. Its brain is a 1.2GHz ultra low-voltage Core 2 Duo with ATI Radeon Xpress 1250 integrated graphics, and buyers can pack up to 3GB of RAM into two slots. You can also pick between CCFL or LED backlighting for the 12-inch WXGA touchscreen, with 802.11n and Bluetooth as extra wireless options. No definitive price or release date, though Nov. 5 is rumored to be the day. One thing that is definitive, though, is that sex appeal's not one of its features. [LesDelliens via Electronista]



I've seen an XT pre-production model in person. Our education rep brought one by and I got to play with it for a while. Size and look-wise it is like a convertible Latitude D430. Nothing jumped out at me as revolutionary, but I did like the media slice option. It was very thin and had multiple I/O ports and an optical drive bay. There was also an extended battery slice so you could add a second battery that effectively had the same footprint as the device.

Anyway, nothing too special, but it did have a good sturdy feel and it is compatible with all of the D-series parts, except for the port replicator from what I could tell. In the higher-ed market, there will be a huge market for this, and I am glad it's finally being released.