More iPad Leaks Show Off TouchID and Gold Bling

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We're less than a week away from a new iPad (probably!), which means the leaks are coming thick and fast. Today, we've got alleged photos of a gold-colored TouchID sensor that's supposedly destined for Apple's next tablet, in addition to some silicon-porn of the new iPad's motherboard.


The photos come via a Taiwanese Apple blog — which, of course, means they need to be taken with the usual fistful of salt. But provided that they're accurate (and they do at least line up with other leaked images), the photos reveal a few things: a gold-colored TouchID sensor, that implies the new iPad Air is getting Apple's TouchID, and a gold color option; and an upgraded A8 processor, alongside 2GB of RAM.

All of those upgrades would make perfect sense for Apple. Obviously, the TouchID sensor would come in handy on its own for people who can't be bothered to type in their password; but it could also find use with the online version of Apple's new payment system, even if the new iPad doesn't ship with the NFC chip necessary for in-store Apple Pay. (Side note: if the iPad does ship with NFC, and people start paying in store with 10-inch tablets, I'm giving up on civilisation and going to live in the woods somewhere.) [Apple Club]

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Yeah...this is great, but do you have any leaks of the cases or covers? I will be praying to Jesus Christ that the protective cases have a HOLE in the back so that everyone can SEE the Apple logo on the back...oh PLEASE JESUS...LET THERE BE A WAY THAT 3RD PARTY VENDORS CAN CAREFULLY PROTECT EVERY PART OF MY PRECIOUS iPAD; except for the LOGO!!!!!

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