Sadly, Labor Day weekend marks the spiritual end of summer. But don't fall into the dumps yet, friends. What lies between you and the colder months are both a day off and a some of the best things we found from the realms of art, architecture, and design this week.

A Creepy Tour of Russia's Decrepit Abandoned Summer Camps

When kids love camp, they really, really love camp. And they're not hard to spot since they never shut up about it—often into adulthood. So for those of you who relish the nostalgia of those carefree, summer days of yore, you'll probably want to look away now. The blog English Russia has posted a collection of...

This Munich Museum Moved Into a Building Made Entirely of Scaffolding

Renovations are tricky for museums: You have to protect your permanent collection while keeping ticket sales up, which explains why so many museums close completely or move to new locations rather than repair an existing building. Not so at Munich's largest art museum, where workers simply built a gigantic scaffolding …

A Better Boarding Pass: Rethinking One of the Worst Design Offenders

Airports are not enjoyable places to be. Long distance travel is not a tonne of fun. Badly designed boarding passes are annoying. Seriously annoying. The boarding pass is essential for air travel but when badly designed, must be one of the most counter-productive items an airline could issue. I think they cause…

Can Bugs, Toilets, and Mushrooms Change the World?

When Buckminster Fuller died, he was buried under a gravestone with a very peculiar inscription: CALL ME TRIMTAB. Fuller had uttered those words to a Playboy reporter in 1972 (this kind of thing happened a lot in the 70s) to describe the kind of effect he wanted to have on the world. But what did it mean?

New Delhi's Super-Park Will Completely Dwarf Central Park

In 1857, Central Park was carved out of the still-wild landscape of Manhattan. In 2013, a new park in the middle of super-dense New Delhi is poised to dwarf Central Park by almost 50 percent.

A Former 1900s Coal Mine Reborn as a Modernist's Playground

Post-industrial cities have long struggled to find new uses for the (often gargantuan) factory infrastructure that once made their towns boom. Usually, that means a park or a museum. But a few cities—like Genk, Belgium—have tried a more experimental approach, turning these decrepit sites into unusual creative spaces. …

This Modern Home Frames the Winery Around It With Weathered Steel

Houses like the Cloudy Bay Shack in Marlborough, New Zealand, make you wonder why anyone would ever choose to live in an apartment (besides, you know, money). This house has everything: lovely rural scenery, a brilliant layout and a bold modern aesthetic. And though those two things might not normally jibe, they…

8 Unrealized Buildings That Could've Transformed American Cities

For every existent building in your city, there are a dozen that never came to be. Some plans were abandoned for good reasons (see: LA's 5,000-foot skyscraper), others were abandoned because of legal and financial quandaries. Either way, these forgotten drawings show us what we could've had.

NASA Loaned Norman Rockwell a Spacesuit for This Picture

NASA’s always had a knack for making the wonders of science look like incredible art; gazing at their various high-def visions of the universe is awe-inspiring to the highest degree. In addition to its incredible command of the cosmos, the agency has also spent the past fifty years commissioning terrestrial creative…

17 of the Coolest Film Posters Designed By Minimalist Legend Saul Bass

Remaking movie posters into ultra-minimal cinematic tributes has been one of the internet’s favorite past-times of late, but the staid results—while occasionally clever—lack heart. Passion. Excitement.