The Statue of Liberty's arm, building laws that were meant to be broken, and oh hey is there a Super Bowl tie-in in here somewhere? Imagine that. But that's not all we have to feed your eyeballs this week. Check out the most beautiful items of the week or remain in suspense forever.

12 Photorealistic Paintings of Handsome Vintage Gadgets

Think you like gadgets? You don't hold a candle to Canadian artist William Fisk who's spent the last decade painting impossibly realistic portraits of everything from vintage cameras to aging computer consoles.

Alien monsters or awesome spiders, I just love these little guys

I can't stop looking at the extraordinary photos by Thomas Shahan, an Oregon-based artist and microphotographer who creates amazing portraits of arthropods, including these awesome jumping spiders. His beautiful monsters don't make me run in fear, but make me smile.

Even the most ferocious storm can look beautiful in a time-lapse video

It's not what its author intended but, after seeing Huelux, filmed in South Dakota, Wyoming and Utah, I want to see some spectacular time-lapse videos on huge storm systems.

Every place I love in San Francisco in one gorgeous timelapse

Marc Donahue from PermaGrin Filmsturned his sights on the city for "I Left My Heart," an impressive timelapse that shows SF from all the best angles.

I want to study in this awesome high school

I wish I could be 16 again to enroll in the futuristic Island School in Hong Kong, a 28,000-square-meter building that merges into the landscape. From the inside, it looks like a spaceship. From the outside, its structure seems to defy gravity.

The Landscapes Of Suburbia Are The Real Science Fiction

Science fiction is often charged with naïve technological optimism and historical amnesia. But for present-day Californians struggling with a wide range of environmental and social problems, science fiction might just provide the perspective we need to successfully pivot from the boom times of the twentieth century to the messy prospect of the century ahead.

The Brutally Beautiful Wastelands of Outer Moscow

The seam where a city meets the country is an uncanny place. It's not rural, yet not exactly urban, either, a non-place often full of half-finished streets and isolated developments. Most of us only see these environments through the windows of our cars, but photographer Alexander Gronsky has spent the last four years in Moscow's outskirts, watching and photographing.

The Subtle Art of Breaking Building Laws

Building permits are wonderful things: They protect us from slum conditions and scammers, and they make money for our local governments. But permits can also pose a major financial hurdle for independent home builders—and rules are meant to be broken, man.

These Are the Futuristic Venues of the Upcoming Winter Olympics

The Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will start on February 6th, 2014. The Russian Empire has built a bunch of brand new arenas for the upcoming winter sports fiesta. This is our collection of the artistic-futuristic architecture of the Sochi Games, built from scratch in the past few years.

Why the Statue of Liberty's Arm Lived In a NYC Park For Six Years

It took a very long time for the Statue of Liberty to find a home on Liberty Island. In fact, for several years, her creators showed off pieces of her body in NYC and Philadelphia in an effort to drum up funds to finance the statue's completion. The picture above is from New York City's Madison Square Park, where her arm lived from 1876 to 1882.