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Considerate iPhone Thief Returns Handwritten List of Stolen Contacts

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

What really sucks about losing your phone—besides losing the phone—is that you also lose a whole bunch of your data. But to help ease that pain, a iPhone thief in China copied down a list of all his victim's contacts (by hand!) and returned it to its rightful owner. All 1,000 of them.

According to the Independent, victim Zou Bin lost his iPhone when he split a cab with a robber, who managed to snag it off him. As soon as he got to another phone, Zou texted the stolen handset and demanded that the robber return it to the home address stored inside. It didn't quite work; big surprise.

But Zou didn't wind up empty-handed. A few days later, he received a package including his SIM card, and more impressively, an 11-page, hand-scrawled list of all 1,000 some contacts that had been stored in the phone.


It's not exactly a happy ending, but getting back a SIM card back is definitely better than not getting a SIM card back. And as for the contacts? Those were probably stored in the cloud anyway, but that list must have been a serious pain in the wrist to write. And with a wrist that cramped, that new stolen toy is going to be hard to use at least. [The Independent via Beta Beat]

Image by Gunnar Pippel/Shutterstock