Most Ridiculously Inappropriate Scenes From The Original "V"

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Sure, the new V has plenty of nekkid alien hijinks - but it's nothing compared to the original series. Check out this scene where a human/alien hybrid woman connects to a spaceship's computer and has a... umm... computergasm. More below.

It's hard to pick our favorite inappropriate scenes from V, so we're just throwing together a few of them. Feel free to suggest your own favorites in comments!

Oh, and the human/adult hybrid in the clip above is Elizabeth, aka Starchild, who used to be a little girl — but conveniently, right before this episode, she ages rapidly, becoming an 18-year-old woman in a matter of hours. (And presumably helping the producers avoid those pesky child-labor laws in the process.)


My personal favorite might be this scene from the ongoing series, which takes place in Diana's "Interrogation Room." Diana has captured Donovan, one of the main Resistance leaders. Using a combination of drugs and holograms, she's tricked him into seeing her as one of his Resistance buddies, and she's convinced him it's the future, and the war is over. (It's all a trick, to get him to reveal some information. Yes, just like that Riker episode.) Anyway, she tells him that she's his wife now, and offers him some pastries - which are really live mice. She eats one of them in front of Donovan, and then proceeds to suck face with him with her mouth still full of mouse. Awesome!

And then there's this bit, where Diana visits her internment camps and grabs a shirtless, well-oiled young man to help her with a little problem. (In the next scene, he actually comes on to her and talks about what "stimulating" company she is.)


And then there's this bit from V: The Final Battle, where once again Diana is doing an interrogation scene. This time, though, she's opted to put her prisoner, Julia, into a skintight bodystocking that happens to be fleshcolored and kind of seethru, and then she bombards her with visions of having goop blasted onto her face. (As the scene goes on and on, she also sees visions of snakes and other vaguely phallic monsters, causing her to quiver in her bodystocking.)

And then there's this pretty amazing scene:

So I'm thinking Morena Baccarin has a ways to go before she can top this. What do you think?