Mother Bear Heroically Saves Cub From Busy Highway

Joke all you want about chickens crossing roads, but highways really do pose a danger to wildlife. A bear cub learned that recently when it found itself a bit too close to oncoming traffic. Luckily, mom was nearby.

According to the video's description, a man named Ricky Forbes was driving through Canada's Kootenay National Park, in British Columbia, when he spotted the daring rescue. If you look closely, you can see a second cub just barely tall enough to peek over the wall from the forest side.

Next time you find a bear cub in harm's way, just do what mama would do: bite its head and move it to safety.

Elsewhere in Canada, just a few weeks ago, an angry beaver stopped traffic. It's as if the country's main purpose is to provide us with tales of adorable animals and road transportation.


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