Motorized Lego Monster Dino

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The last time I played with Lego's my parents had to ask me what it was, since they couldn't even fathom a guess as to what I had created. If only I could have put together something as amazing as the motorized Lego Monster Dino. He walks, roars and definitely doesn't need an introduction.

And to make this guy even better, you can reconfigure him into a spider or even a crocodile. But you will need a butt-load of batteries (6AA, 3AAA), $89.95 and a bit of time to put together the 792 pieces.

But the real question is "how does it look when he's stomping around preparing his assault on the little Lego people?" Probably something like this

ā€“ Ben Longo

Lego Monster Dino [Wired]

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But they're not allowed to make Lego-rubberband guns to shoot bricks at him, because for kids today, everything is hazardous.