Motorola RAZR Amp'd Edition

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Seeing as Amp'd is the only cellphone service provider other than "Orange County Cellular Shack - Covering Orange County and Parts of Ventura"—they really gotta work on that name—that doesn't have a RAZR, it's probably safe to say that no other version of this old-ass phone will ever be released. Of course, we're probably wrong, and OCCSCOCAPOV will get one soon, but let's just pretend for now.

The Moto Amp'd RAZR will have various Amp'd customizations that you would expect to find on a youth-centric provider. The phone will be $99 with contract or $199 with a pay-as-you-go plan. Not bad if you're on Amp'd and you want to be the last guy in your circle of friends to own a RAZR.


Press Release [Lets Go Digital]

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