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Motorola Sneaks an Updated Version of its BT Hint Headset Into Stores

Illustration for article titled Motorola Sneaks an Updated Version of its BT Hint Headset Into Stores

It was the first Bluetooth headset tiny enough to actually hide inside your ear, but what the Moto Hint excelled at in design, it lacked in other areas. And that’s maybe why Motorola has snuck a much improved version of the Hint into retail stores like Best Buy.


The most notable update is the Hint’s vastly improved battery life, now boasting 17 hours of talk time on a single charge, instead of a mere 10 with the original version. And while talk time has been increased, the new Hint’s price tag has actually been dropped to $130. It also boasts better sound quality with Bluetooth 3.0 + EDR, noise and wind cancelling technologies, and even a better fit so that users might finally want to actually stick the Hint in their ears.

A quick look at the Motorola website also shows the original version of the Hint (based on the listed specs) as being slashed from $150 to just $80 now. So if you’re happy with the original’s shortcomings you can save quite a bit of cash right now, but you’re probably better off just hunting down the updated version.


[Best Buy via Android Central]

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The Hint has been great, except battery life. I bought mine back in December and will get this new version as well...