Move Over MIT, The Blowfly Alarm Clock Is Here

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Better watch out, MIT! Looks like something cooler than your rolling alarm clock now exists for the sole purpose of waking us up. The Blowfly is here to change the way you wake up in the morning. Set the time on its base and leave the Blowfly there. When the alarm activates, it spins a propeller and flies up above you making ridiculous noises. The only way to stop it is to wake up, grab it, and set it back down in its docking station. Designed by Ena Macana, the Blowfly won third prize at the 2005 Taiwan International Design Competition.


No more snoozing the Blowfly Flying Alarm clock is here [New Launches]

Via Gadget Review



I would like to see the inventor's bedroom. I can imagine the scene like a hail assaulted parking lot with dented cars. Is his/her nose flattened?