Mugger Gets Caught With Stolen iPod Still Holding His Victim's Playlists

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A dude who stole another dude's iPod was caught red-handed (white-earbudded?) the other day when cops checked out the iPod in question, and found the victim's playlist still on it.

The crime, which went down last Wednesday, was actually a little more elaborate: Two guys intercepted a car that had just pulled into a Des Moines, Iowa video store parking lot. The three guys in the car were somehow persuaded out of the car, and the two muggers stole the iPod, the guys' cellphones, and $390 in cash.

(I don't know about you, but the only person I know who walks around with $390 in cash also doesn't pay income tax, if you know what I mean. I'm guessing there's more to this story than just a simple mugging—but whatever.)


When the guy whose iPod was stolen reported it to the cops, and gave them a description of a playlist on there, the cops matched it with the iPod carried by the suspect.

Which brings me to:

Wilson's #1 Rule of Stealing iPods: Plug that sucker into iTunes and re-sync it right away. If you really love your victim's music enough to re-steal what you already stole (and what he probably stole in the first place, download Senuti, man. Don't be stupid! [Des Moines Register via Cult of Mac]

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"Based on this engraving, either you stole my iPod or you're in love with my wife. Either way, we got a problem."