My Cat Vs. The Dragonfly, The Battle to End All Battles

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Click to viewLet me give you a little background on my cat. She may look innocent, and on many accounts she is. But there are grown men in this world who fear her, as if she is a full-grown lion prepared to maim those who do not refill her water dish with the proper alacrity. (To be fair, half of that description is true).

So when I received my review unit Wow Wee/Flytech R/C Dragonfly, I knew just who to test it on. Surely Anya (my cat) would be leaping through the air, clawing with maximum kitten power to destroy this home intruder. The subtle flapping of wings would be too much for her to resist, and besides, the unit comes with a replacement pair.

So what happened?

In short, Anya was traumatized. She ran from the room and would have nothing to do with the toy from then on. (And caught the's there forever now).


As for the Dragonfly, in the five minutes I've spent with my unit (that came out wrong but I refuse to rephrase myself), I haven't gotten it to fly properly. Given other reviews out there, I'm sure it's user error. But also given that I was once a strong R/C car enthusiast, I'm shocked at my ineptitude.

And cool feature to note: the Dragonfly is charged directly from the remote control in about 20 minutes for a reported 7 minutes of flight. It's a good idea, be it presumably heavy on AA usage.

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My greyhound had the opposite reaction. She could have cared less about the dragonfly when I first put it on the coffee table. But as soon as I hit the throttle stick, she jumped on her feet and tried to pounce on it. Thankfully it crashed at my wife's feet and she was able to swoop it up before the dog got it.

This thing is definitely not an indoor flier, though. All you can do is turn it side to side - up/down and forward motion seems to be nothing more than a steep climb followed by a stall. If the dragonfly was high enough when it stalled, it'll recover from the stall and flutter up to an altitude of about 10 feet before repeating the process. I'm sure that if I finessed the throttle a bit more instead of just jamming it to full power for the entire flight I might get a little more controlled flight, but it's been too windy last few days to get any practice in. All in all, though, amongst the best $50 I've spent in a long time.