Mylo 2 Gets A Video Groping

If you were wondering what the Mylo 2's basic functions looked liked, we've got a hands on video with the newly designed Sony Mylo 2 that we showed you earlier. The video demonstrates the various Mylo 2 features, such as: upgraded UI, "unsophisticated" touchscreen, widgets, full / flash support, 1.3 MP camera, and picture effects. One of the most desired features is the full / flash support, which sounds promising, but because of navigation issues it makes viewing a flash video much harder than it should be. So to see for yourself, check out the Mylo 2 hands on video.

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@bsoft: N810 is also $180 more, and to be honest, i don't mind sony's UI. hopefully, they'll pay more attention to the mylo 2 than they did to the original, and give more software updates as time goes on.....maybe even give us XMB, because as much as some of you hate XMB, i love it.

i also heard it has a blinking light that alerts you to a new IM/facebook wall post/notification/skype call, etc.

willing to trade a clié UX50 with charging dock, stylus, leather USB charging case if i can find it, im pretty sure a software upgrade for FAT32-formatted memory sticks(i was almost gonna buy a memory stick to CF adapter), and only minor damage (not affecting functionality AT ALL) for a new mylo 2. if you believe that palm isn't dead, hit me up now, i want that mylo, and i want to see someone put my clié to good use, since i barely use it anymore.