Mysterious Saturn Hexagon Re-Emerges to Eat Us All

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You Mysterious Saturn Hexagon you, where did you come from? Who made you? There are no Russians on Saturn. Or are there? Whatever. You freak me out even more than the Norwegian spiral, because you can eat two Earths simultaneously.

That's how big this thing is: Its diameter is wider than two Earths. Nobody really knows what causes the hexagon, and why it has this precise geometric shape, something which is extremely rare—if not impossible—to find in atmospheric formations.


The Saturn hexagon left everyone speechless when Voyager sent the first images of the phenomenon, and still baffles scientists all over the world, like Kunio Sayanagi, a Cassini imaging team associate at CalTech:

The longevity of the hexagon makes this something special, given that weather on Earth lasts on the order of weeks. It's a mystery on par with the strange weather conditions that give rise to the long-lived Great Red Spot of Jupiter.


The always-amazing Cassini spacecraft just captured these images, which are the most detailed ever received portraying this strange cloud formation. [NASA]