NatGeo on Weed, Jean Claude VanDamme Kicking Things, and an Interview with a Piece of Delusional Toast

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Gandry Dancers

Until rather recently, railroad construction was primarily a manual labor. While laying track and driving spikes, work crews sang and chanted to pass the time. Here are just a few from a quickly fading facet of Americana.

Drugs, Inc. - Marijuana

Nat Geo takes a vanilla look at the most widespread illicit drug on the planet.

Kickboxer - Just The Kicking

Much like porn, JCvD movies are much more enjoyable without the talking.

Peak Condition

In this experimental animation, a delusional piece of toast and his naive racoon lackey are interviewed. I don't even.


Exploding 40,000 Rockets at Once Is as Loud and Wonderful as You'd Think It Would Be

Explosive art is explosive.