Navizon, a simple $25 app, is supposed to locate you on a map and provide directions to a destination "on any wireless network and in any country." Previously available for Windows Mobile and Symbian apps, it now comes in BlackBerry as well.

"What makes Navizon even more exciting," says the publisher, Mexens Technology, "is that a GPS device is not even required... By using wireless signals triangulation, Navizon's Virtual-GPS is able to spot your location on a map."


Exciting? I hate to be a fly in the Navizon soup, but last time I had a conversation with a carrier about triangulation, I was told that the accuracy was measured in miles.

The accuracy of GPS, on the other hand, is measured in meters. When Navigon says, "You have arrived," how can you be sure you're really there?

Before this gets too existential, let me just add that it's a good thing Navizon has a free 15-day trial. If any of you do end up testing it out, be sure to report back to with your experience. If you're totally lost, don't worry: We'll send help.

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