Tracy McGrady, who's surprising just about everyone including probably Tracy McGrady with a good season so far in Atlanta, is launching a new daily deals site for NBA fans and gadget lovers and collector clock collectors. And the most bizarre thing about it might be how much sense it makes.

TMac's Deals has discounted items from places like Adidas (a longtime McGrady sponsor), Lids, Sports Authority, Best Buy, Finish Line, and whoever makes this Tracy McGrady street sign that appears to be the only "Recommended" deal on the site so far.


Which sounds plenty random and out there on its own. But let's go down the list of reasons this actually isn't super crazy: People buy stuff from NBA players. T-Mac is still a big enough name to draw some rubbernecking. NBA fans are quietly pretty tech savvy. And the content on the site fits a niche that's mostly ignored by Groupon, LivingSocial and Woot.

And I mean, if Stephon Marbury can be a successful businessman, McGrady can figure this thing out, right?

T-Mac says he's really embraced social media (he has a million-plus facebook fans), so we thought we'd try to conduct a Twitter interview with him on today's news. He hasn't gotten back to us just yet, but here's a transcript of the interview so far:


Update: Seems a bit too much traffic got pointed at the site and it's down for the moment. (Sorry Tracy!) [TMac's Deals via TechCrunch]

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