Nerdy Climbing Wall Holds Prove Even Star Wars Fanboys Stay Fit

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When you think of Star Wars fans, you probably picture an overweight individual sprawled out on a couch reaching for Cheetos with a plastic lightsaber. But apparently that image isn't entirely accurate, since you can now buy Star Wars-themed climbing wall holds.

Created by Hang Fast Adventure Structures, you can get these mountable, sturdy, fiberglass domes painted and shaped to look like R2-D2's noggin, or the Death Star complete with its superlaser indent. There's a even a hold that's loosely shaped like the Millennium Falcon—very loosely—and depending on the size and complexity they'll each set you back somewhere in the neighborhood of $63 to $243. Just be careful when climbing with them since neither include the force to catch you should you lose your footing or handhold.


[Hang Fast Adventure Structures via Geeks are Sexy]