Ness for iPhone Helps You Pick Restaurants Without the Annoying Reviewers

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Right now, when I want to find a place to eat, I fire up Yelp. Which is fine, until I pull my hair out reading some weirdo reviews from annoying holier-than-thou reviewers. Ness is different, they try to cut them out.


The app suggest restaurants based on your own tastes. You start by rating 10 restaurants so Ness can learn your preferences. It's a whole lot like Netflix recommendations—the more places you give 5-star ratings to, the more Ness will "learn" you and deliver tailor-made suggestions. There's still a social aspect to it, as Ness will show you the places your Facebook and Foursquare friends have been and rated but it's more like. The app is absolutely gorgeous because as TechCrunch notes, it's because a member on the original iPhone team helped build Ness.

I sorta like the idea of a pure recommendation service but I'd also love to see Ness implement photos within the restaurant listings too (like Foodspotting). It's definitely a great start though, and we'll see how good it is in the long run. [Ness via Eater via TechCrunch]

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Yelp, Foodspotting, Nosh, now Ness... this is just too much crap. While I agree that 90% of all Yelp reviews are by idiots who deserve be legally barred from both the internet and restaurants, I'd prefer if Yelp simply added an "idiot" button that permanently hides that user from you and removes their rating if enough other users do the same.

It's obvious that the whole "positive reinforcement only" approach is no longer working for Yelp - and they are suffering for it badly... but good grief, do we really need ANOTHER one of these things?