Netflix CEO: Hey, You Get What You Pay For

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We can't afford all the new stuff and offer the service for $8. So at $8, we're a complement to the new-release business. And with that, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings explained why your Watch Instantly queue feels so tired.


Hastings, speaking at this week's D9 conference, positioned his company the way regular users have seen it for a long time now—as a warehouse for back catalog titles. Because despite paying huge sums for television licenses, the company still can't afford new releases for the relatively modest fee that they charge customers.

What else? Netflix has 23 million subscribers, according to Hastings, and the company isn't anywhere close to Facebook integration. Which is fine by me; my friends don't need to know how long it's taking me to get through The Larry Sanders Show. Head here for the rest of the in-depth interview. [All Things D]



It's not the lack of new releases that steams me up so much...its the oddities of looking at what's available to stream.

For example, I wanted to watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Well, part 1 is available for instant streaming, but parts 2 and 3 are not. Now that's not exactly a new release, so I find it a bit odd that they weren't available.

Likewise, none of "The Mummy" series are available for instant streaming, and neither is "The Scorpioin King"...but "The Scorpion King 2"? Yep, thats there.

I'm not complaining at all...for 8 bucks a month there's PLENTY for me to find to watch, particularly when you add in old TV series...and I supplement that with a hefty dose of pirate bay. I just think that maybe there's more to it then the "new release" fee...i.e. the "where the hell do you want us to store billions of terrabytes of movies for your 8 bucks a month" fee.

As an additional grip, check out the "new arrivals" on netflix instant right now...Elephant in the Room, Takers, Kick-Ass, Dane Cook: Rough Around the Edges, White Chicks, Stone, Daddy Day care...going down this entire list I only see a handful of movies I've heard of...and not a single one I'd be inclined to actually watch.