Netflix Would Very Much Like to Know If You Would Like an iPhone App (Hint: YES)

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Here's a real interesting question from a recent Netflix survey: "How likely would you or someone in your household be to instantly watch movies & TV episodes on your iPhone via a Wi-Fi network?"


If you recall, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings promised that Netflix streaming would come to the iPhone "eventually" just a few months ago. While survey questions can be indicative of a company's plans—it wouldn't be the first time for this kind of company to tip their video hand via survey—I wouldn't get too excited. Not because of the tech, which is trivial (even considering the jump from Microsoft's Silverlight technology on the desktop) but because of the rights.

Netflix has already run into issues with studios afraid of it massing too much influence, too many eyeballs, squeezing the lifeblood remaining in DVD profits preserved by the window system—the journey a movie takes from the multiplex to DVD to PPV to HBO to cable— before the studios can extract the last final drops themselves. That disgusting 28-day window before you can rent a new Warner Bros. movie is a primo example. So, to get mobile streaming rights? That's probably a whole 'nother ballgame, and I don't expect the studios will play any nicer.

But we can dream, we can hope, we can pray. Even if it is only over Wi-Fi. [Hacking Netflix via SAI]


I would like an official Netflix application to access my account. But why would I want to watch a movie on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or even and iPad? I own a 32 inch flat screen so I can relax and really enjoy a movie, via Blu-ray or Roku, and have my hands free for the ninety plus minutes. I saw someone watching "The Dark Knight" on his iPhone on the subway the other day and it seemed like a silly endeavour. I will use the iPad to watch cooking videos in the kitchen as it is going to make an excellent kitchen appliance and digital publication videos when they are of interest.