"New" Apple Keyboard Vs. "Old" Version

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The rumored new Apple keyboard has already been analyzed to death, compared to its current, fully real counterpart. But in this handy side by side picture (hit the jump for a mega version) we can see the potential impact the new design will have on Apple users. What, for instance, will we ever do without the 'Help' key? Overall, the comparison shows that if Apple isn't using this new keyboard, they really should be, as dock and multimedia functions have been condensed and organized neatly. What do you think, fanboys? [circa1978]




It's not computer putty brown, it's the same brushed metal that the base of the iMac is made from, but just a bad pic.

I don't think it's quite real, but I don't think it's that far off. Apple wouldn't move the eject button to the middle of the keyboard, they'd keep it on the corner. The apple logo had been obsolete since they put it on there in the first place. The cloverleaf is what they've been using on the screen to represent the command function so that's really all that's necessary.