New Deadpool 2 Trailer Teases the Ultimate Showdown Between Cable and Sheriff Wadey

“Reach for the sky”—with your badass robot arm.

The new trailer is out for Deadpool 2, which brings Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) face-to-face with his ferocious nemesis, Cable (Josh Brolin). Except, it’s not quite working out the way Deadpool wanted because the special effects department forgot to add his robot arm (dammit, Dale!). So it’s up to Wade to fill in the gaps with an adorable recreation.


That said, once the actual effects are in place (thanks, Dale!), it looks pretty damn impressive. I am curious how Cable is actually going to be in the movie, since the trailer is mostly about turning him into a clichéd haunted villain stereotype that Deadpool gets to make fun of. If that’s the case, I’m for it. But I am hoping Brolin gets to enjoy some moments where he’s not the butt of the joke. Check out the trailer below.

Deadpool 2 comes out May 18.

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